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The Runcible Spoon INTERNET ISSUE

$12.00 USD
The (print, not digital!) #INTERNETISSUE takes a food-focused look at both the early internet - in all its early-tech/now-cringeworthy splendor - and the current internet, where pointless clickbait and salacious headlines rule.</p>
In this issue, you'll find stories like: </p>
"Pop Up Ads I'd Actually Click"<br />
"Quiz: What To Feed Your Internet" <br />
"Ultimate MarthaStewart.Com #CakeFail" <br />
"True Life: I Tried To Make Lasagna Using Only Twitter"<br />
"Here's What Happened When I Ate At 1-Star Yelp Restaurants" <br />
"How To Host Your Own South Korean Mukbang"</p>
And much, much more!</p>
Full color, 68 pages, 8.5 in x 5.5 in, perfect bound. Volume 5, Issue 14. Limited 400-print edition.