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Aug 5, 2012

Popular Demand Is in Popular Demand

Bryan Minnich, an illustrator and graphic designer here in D.C., just started Popular Demand, a beautifully designed print magazine that showcases an unexpected collection of illustrations, stories, photography and artworks. It's presence is a testament to the District's growing independent design and publishing community, and we at the Runcible Spoon couldn't be more excited about having a top-quality homegrown magazine to add to our bookshelves. 

In his inaugural issue, there is a beautiful photo spread of oil spills on the road after the rain by Runcible Spoon editor Claire O'Neill, light and airy watercolor drawings of album covers by Katlyn D'Angelo, and even an impossible maze game. 

The magazine is not available to read online, so if you would like to purchase a copy, buy one at Redeem, the clothing boutique on 14th Street, or flip through it at Immortal Beloved. 

Let Bryan know what you think of his zine and leave him a nice comment below! But first, some photos:  


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