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Jul 29, 2012

The Sweetbread Jim's Potluck SPECTACULAR

Some of you might wonder what the Runcible Spoon does for fun. The answer to that question is very obvious: We go to Runcible Spoon-y type events, of course! 

One such example of that is Sweetbread Jim's Potluck Spectacular, a dinner-and-show event coming up in just two weeks at St. Stephen's Church. Sweetbread Jim's, probably the most wonderful local band in DC, decided to do something really crazy for their next gig: instead of just playing music, they wanted to create an entire extravaganza of good, clean fun. 

While you eat your delicious food (catered by the likes of Red Rocks Pizza, Meridian Pint, Blind Dog Cafe, plus 1950s-style casseroles by members of the community, including yours truly!), a whole night of entertainment will unfold on the stage. There will be magic, comedy, music and even a little burlesque (not exactly "clean" but you get the idea). And I almost forgot... there will be booze! 

I think the best part of this all is that you'll get to hang out with some of DC's awesomest people -- because let's face it -- only the awesomest people would come to an event like this. Imagine a whole room, filled with balloons, pom pom garlands and 100 potential best friends! 

Tickets are just $25, and you can buy them here. 

And if that's not enough of an incentive, I think you'll be touched by the band's motives for the event. They're not making any money off of it, just breaking even. Why? Because it's a great excuse to bring the community together in a really fun way. The end. 

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