Come to a Crowdsourced Community Cookbook-Making Extravaganza!

On April 6th, the Runcible Spoon is heading to the Brooklyn Museum in New York to host a Community Cookbook Making event in conjunction with the Brooklyn Zine Fest and the East Village Inky zine. This event is part of the Museum’s Target First Saturdays, a monthly series of free art and entertainment programming.

During the event, visitors are invited to come with a recipe or food story in mind, and create and design it into a page that may be used in an online community cookbook zine curated by The Runcible Spoon. Ayun Halliday from East Village Inky will give a presentation about zine culture and zine history, and Matt and Kseniya from the Brooklyn Zine Fest will be there to talk about the upcoming zine festival on April 21.

What makes this event super cool is that we’re getting people from all walks of life to be a part of print zine culture - and find a new place online in the age of the Internet.

All you need to do is come prepared with an idea of what to write about. Heck, you could arrive with your story already printed or written out (here’s a hint… the size of our pages are about half a sheet of paper).

Some food story ideas:

- Recipe from Grandma!

- A recipe gone horribly, horribly wrong

- The best meal you ever had! And/or the worst one

- The scariest restaurant experience

- Why you love your neighborhood coffee shop

- A poem about breakfast

- How to make a meal under $10

The Brooklyn Museum will supply participants with all the fixins: glue sticks, colored pencils, scissors and fun paper - so all you need to do is come with an idea!

The Runcible Spoon is thrilled to be working with the community to create a totally crowdsourced food zine, which we hope to curate and complete within a month or so of the event. Stay tuned!

Community Cookbook-Making Event

At the Brooklyn Museum on the Target First Saturday

April 6th


200 Eastern Parkway

Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052

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And don’t forget to drop by the second annual Brooklyn Zine Fest at Public Assembly, featuring more than 80 zine makers and an expected 1,500+ attendees, on April 21!


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