A Photo Diary of the Cookbook Zine Event x Our Adventures in the Big Apple!

All our dreams came true last Saturday at The Runcible Spoon x Brooklyn Zine Fest’s Crowdsourced Community Cookbook-Making Extravaganza with East Village Inky’s Ayun Halliday at the Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday event. We were delighted to see more than 80 foodfriends show up to make a page in our community cookbook.

We hauled more than 50 magazines - the same mags we used to create our Breakfast Issue - to NYC from DC for a truly authentic Runcible experience. Here’s me and Claire hauling them. They were very heavy! We bought some matching glasses to look “cool” and “New York”.

We arrived to the Brooklyn Museum to see our names in a little sign at the entrance of the museum. It was there to help people find our event. Look how happy I am! They always spell Claire’s last name wrong �?

The event got underway. There were two sets of 36 guests, one at 8PM and one at 9PM. Kseniya from the Brooklyn Zine Fest and dear zine supporter Eleanor sold copies of the Runcible Spoon, along with East Village Inky and her own zine, I Love Bad Movies, which she runs with BZF cofounder Matt, outside the door. Inside, Matt, Ayun, Claire & her kid sister Ally, and I helped zinemakers create their pages and helped answer any questions.

Here’s me and Claire with the final zine pages. There were recipes for two kinds of potato salads, an awesome burger sauce, the best salmon fish sandwich and a killer hot chocolate.

Here’s my favorite picture of the day - some of the participants with their final pages! The one from the lower left hand corner is a fellow zinemaker, Jenipher Lyn. She did a write up of the zine event here.

After a very intense two hours, Claire and I rounded the whole event out with a much-needed trip to the local McDonalds. Fish McBites!

Special thanks to Matt and Kseniya of Brooklyn Zine Fest, Ayun Halliday from the East Village Inky and Alicia and Lauren from the Brooklyn Museum for helping make this event a reality. Read the BZF’s take on the event here.

And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the finished Cookbook Zine at the end of the month. We’ll keep you updated!



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