Whoever decided that breakfast was the most important meal of the day-was it all our moms in a collective group? a personal trainer? Einstein?-is our personal hero. To them we dedicate the latest issue of The Runcible Spoon. We introduce to you: THE BREAKFAST ISSUE.

Inspired by the waffles/eggs/pan con tomate/everything else you eat in the morning, this issue is chock full of recipes you probably don’t want to attempt (or are not able to due to the time/space continuum and/or lack of crucial resources.)

How do you make an omelette in a dream? What’s the best way to meld your love of both cold cereal and squirrels? How can you make a hot dog make sense for morning eating? It’s all in the zine (plus much, much more.)

This issue is so beautiful and full of stuff you’re probably going to want to rip right out-full-color posters featuring scary blue presidents and a handy paper fortune teller guide to choosing what to eat. This is pretty much the cheapest art out there on the market right now, and you’re going to want to hop to it.

Pick up a copy today. It will make your life much more rich.

We can’t make a zine this cool alone. We got some serious assists from rad folks including:

Morgan Hungerford West, from Panda Head Magazine

Chris Scott, international funnyman

Aaron Lloyd Barr, the best illustrator New York City’s ever seen ever

Elizabeth Graeber, D.C.’s illustration phenom &&& a whole bunch of other close friends/amazing folks.


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