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Feb 27, 2014

Spoon Favorites - 2014 LA Zine Fest

Want to know what zines The Spoon was excited about at the LA Zine Fest? OK. We'll tell you.


"Eschew" comics by Robert Sergel. One-page jokes and stories like this one.

"American Dream" graphics/aphorisms by Harry Diaz, a Guatemalan-born artist/designer in LA.

Everything JT Steiny does is really funny, but I went with a little book called "JODY" about a bug who impresses all the other animals with her dance skills. 

Two little pocket-sized things: "Yuck Faces" by this awesome illustrator. And "The Many Ways Of The Potato" because food.

To remember my first, most wonderful trip to LA, two LA-themed zines. This little guy of doodled street scenes. And another one by LA-transplant/comic illustrator Hannah Nance.

And a little instructional book (made by an employee at Skylight Books (which carries The Runcible Spoon)) called "How To Stay Alive," which includes tips like: Call people back, Ask questions, Make a zine



The LA Zine Fest proved to be a great time to put face to zine-idol name. I finally met my #1 favorite comics maker, Esther Pearl Watson. I've been enchanted with her Unlovable series for many years—getting to check out her other work was so great. Here we have Orange Party Balls, Eric Parris World and Blood Lady Commandos. Everything she makes is hilarious, and I think fans of The Spoon would really like OPB—it's the weirdest most blech-inducing recipes from small-town collaborative cookbooks. She inserts her own illustrations within and it definitely garners more than a few LOLs. Also in the mix is Murder Dollhouse from Teppei Ando. I'd bought one of his hilarious comics at Baltimore's Atomic Books ages ago, and this new purchase did not disappoint. I just love his illustration style and the cool/weird factor (made-up ads, especially.)



I fell in love with a zine called The Bogus Zine by Sandra Markarian. It's a pretty simple concept: little snippets of internal monologue on one page followed by an unrelated illustration on the next. For example, "Also, he was a bad kisser. So who cares." horse smoking a cigarette with the caption "BOGUS" underneath. Beautiful. 



I actually didn't buy any zines at the fest except for 1: gut feelings. Its the only zine I really wanted and I was glad to have my tarot card reading (free with purchase) done, too. 


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