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Mar 7, 2014

Would the Chanel Grocery Store Stock Runcible? "Oui" say "Oui"

If you read and enjoy The Runcible Spoon it's a safe bet that you consider the grocery store to be your personal haven. A sanctuary where most everything is edible, be it the bodega on the corner,  the membership-only co-op, or somewhere in between. Personally, I always spend far too long in a grocery store whenever I have to go, overwhelmed by all the taste possibilities and groceries that I either want to buy or want to know about. When I was a kid one of my dream occupations (when I wasn't busy debating whether I eventually wanted to host or be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live) was to be a grocery store clerk. All that scanning and deliberate Tetris-like paper bag packing? Yes, please.

So imagine my delight upon seeing the pictures from Chanel's latest fashion show — the theme and show backdrop being a super-luxury, Chanel-branded grocery store. Yep, you can finally buy Chanel-sourced citrus, sample Chanel-made sauces and carry it all out with your Chanel-crafted grocery baskets. Sadly only one of these things will likely be available for purchase (the latter, costing gobs and gobs of money) but now I dream of the day where visiting this high-fashion food paradise could be a reality.


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