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OUR #INTERNETISSUE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON OUR ETSY STORE!!! In a craze of excitement we asked our contributor Chris Scott some questions about his story, “How To Make Lasagna For A Dinner Party, Using Only Twitter.”

1. Tell us about the concept of your Runcible Spoon story this issue.

I’ve always been fascinated by people who were able to grab popular twitter handles of common words early on and never gave them up. Like @lamp or @mars or @flower (I haven’t actually looked at these handles yet, so who knows what’s there.) So the idea of trying to organize a dinner party with the people who hold the twitter handles for key ingredients of a dish really appealed to me.

2. Do you actually have a good recipe for lasagna you can share?

Unfortunately, I don’t. I love lasagna but it seems a bit daunting to cook.

3. Tell us one more time about your Becky tweet (just kidding - but maybe something here plugging in another project you’re working on that you want to share?)

Hmmmm I’m working on some children’s book manuscripts, which is a lot of fun and very challenging, and I also review movies I haven’t actually seen here: http://www.reviewsofmoviesihaventseen.com/

4. What is the worst/best part of the internet?

The best part is the internet’s capacity to allow people who might never have crossed paths otherwise to connect with and learn a lot from one another. So that’s a really great opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of people and develop a greater sense of empathy. However, the internet also has the capacity to make this more difficult because there will always be an inherent detachment to it. It’s probably a little too easy to forget those are real people on the other side of the screen who are trying and fumbling and struggling with a lot of the same things you are.

5. Is “Yas Queen” still cool to say, or is that not on fleek anymore?

I think anything’s cool to say if you like saying it, especially something like “Yas Queen” which has a very supportive and empowering connotation to it.

The contributor in his natural habitat. Chris Scott lives, works, gardens, and bakes pies in Boston. You can be his friend on twitter @iamchrisscott.

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