~*Contributor Feature: Jon Chonko*~ #INTERNETISSUE

OUR #INTERNETISSUE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR ETSY STORE! To celebrate, we asked Jon Chonko, the creator of #scanwiches and our awesome cover (made entirely with popular internet foodz), a few questions.

1. Tell us about the concept of your Runcible Spoon story this issue.

Food memes are officially a thing and there are so many good ones. I wanted to see if I could go full Xzibit and but with a meme within a meme to create one big weird food sandwich.

2. Did you actually get to try your sandwich?

Yes. I ate it. It was very sweet. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so it wasn’t really the type of sandwich I would make for myself but the sweet and salty combo of the ingredients was surprisingly tasty.

3. What is your favorite internet food guilty pleasure?

My true guilty pleasure is really unappetizing photos of food. Whether they’re are Pinterest food fails or Martha Stewarts terrible fancy restaurant plate photos I get a kick out of seeing stuff that look really bad. I spend a lot of time making food that looks and tastes good so sometimes it’s nice to experience a little culinary schadenfreude. I’m also a big list fan. I love, love, love all the big list that show off the different types of food people eat all over the world, or what’s in everyone fridges, or the local McDonald’s items from country to country. That stuff is so interesting to me. I don’t know that I would call it a guilty pleasure except for the fact that I’ll spend way to much time at work looking at these types of things.

4. Tell us about Scanwiches.

Scanwiches is scans of sandwiches for education and delight. It’s a personal project that I’ve been working on since 2009.

5. What is the worst/best part of the internet?

The best part of the internet is never running out of new stuff to discover. The worst is never getting off the internet to discover things in real life.

Jon Chonko likes sandwiches and lives in Brooklyn. He eats everything he scans and uses regular Windex and paper towels to clean his scanner.

To get the full recipe for the memewich in question, get your copy of the Runcible Spoon here!

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