Hamsters Are Very Fond Of Milk

We came across these curious culinary hamsters on Flickr, and emailed the photographer. Elena Eremina, who lives in Russia, responded to a few questions.

The Runcible Spoon: Who are the Adventure Hamsters?

Elena Eremina: The photographs of my son hamsters. I started photographing them at his request, he loves when I make up stories about them. I take pictures at night and this morning he runs to the computer to see what new adventures have been in hamsters.

Are they not scared of you?

Hamsters are very tame, when I take them to be photographed, they rejoice, as it is possible to run and make a row in the new environment.

They are Russian, right? So do they like Borscht? Or vodka?

Borscht is very fond of my husband, I cook it every week …. And hamsters are very fond of milk.

Do they cook?

Cage with hamsters is in the kitchen and they are always watching with interest as I cook. I suspect that they know a lot of interesting recipes. Today, with his youngest son, we will make Japanese sushi may get photo shoot, as we helped the hamsters …

Do you have a favorite?

Our most beloved hamster - Pusya. She is very curious, photogenic and loves to eat …. We also have 3 years living African snails Achatina …. This is also my son’s favorite animals

See more on Flickr.

— Claire


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