Nice Nice Nice!

Alison Baitz, one of our “enthusiastic” food writers, is a freelancer for many publications and blogs, including Refinery 29, an online global fashion news magazine. She gave us a big mention in a piece called “Throw Back! Zines to Flip Through,” a collection of the best new zines of 2011. Thanks Alison, you da bomb.



“The Runcible Spoon—The Runcible Spoon is a real zine’s zine. Founded in spring 2010 by Washington, D.C. transplants Malaka Gharib and Claire O’Neill, Runcible serves as a creative outlet for the food-loving friends and roommates. After soliciting articles from pals and writers, the two painstakingly create the “guerilla food zine” by cutting-and-pasting the old-fashioned way. While there is a distinct D.C. bent (chalk that up to past articles about District specialties by local writers), there’s definitely a universal appeal. Past standout articles have dished about Louis Armstrong’s eating habits and cutlery lessons from a knife instructor. The zine is distributed for free around D.C.—though Gharib plans to start charging a nominal fee soon—and is available for free download (or super-cheap physical-copy purchase) online.”



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