Fotos from our piknik

Over the weekend, we had our Super Secret Popup Picnic. Runcible Spoon fans and friends gathered at Dupont Circle to eat and make merry, and I think it was a success! There were tea sandwiches and bocce ball, giveaways and cello music, girls in lipstick and boys in stripes.

Thanks to you our picnic participants, we now have $200 to go toward our winter and spring issues. That means two more chances to read our lovely zine. Hooray!

Here are pictures from the picnic:

The coolest picnic basket ever!

Sausage and kale salad

Picnickers sharing foods or maybe being shiesty about it, who knows.

Our stylish bocce ballers.

Special thanks to our sponsors Meals in a Minute, Commit Threads and Qualia Coffee for donating prizes to our event!

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