New #INTERNETISSUE to Exclusively Debut at the 2015 DC Zine Fest

The Runcible Spoon’s 14th issue, the #INTERNETISSUE, will exclusively be for sale at the 2015 DC Zine Fest! The #INTERNETISSUE takes a food-focused look at both the early internet, in all it’s early-tech/now-cringeworthy splendor, as well as the current internet, where pointless clickbait and salacious headlines rule. This issue includes Yelp reviews of 1-star restaurants, … Read more

~*Contributor Feature: Chris Scott*~ #INTERNETISSUE

  OUR #INTERNETISSUE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON OUR ETSY STORE!!! In a craze of excitement we asked our contributor Chris Scott some questions about his story, “How To Make Lasagna For A Dinner Party, Using Only Twitter.” 1. Tell us about the concept of your Runcible Spoon story this issue. I’ve always been fascinated by … Read more

~*Contributor Feature: Jon Chonko*~ #INTERNETISSUE

OUR #INTERNETISSUE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR ETSY STORE! To celebrate, we asked Jon Chonko, the creator of #scanwiches and our awesome cover (made entirely with popular internet foodz), a few questions. 1. Tell us about the concept of your Runcible Spoon story this issue. Food memes are officially a thing and there are so … Read more

I’m Just a Teenange Instragram Celeb, Baby

By Lainey Sidell Lola Wolfe, 18, is the brainchild behind the successful vegan-minded Instagram account @lolacooks. She has 106K followers, a YouTube channel, and a cookbook, and just graduated from high school. We asked some questions hoping for some Insta inspiration to up Runcy’s Insta game. Q: How did @lolacooks initially starte? A: I went … Read more

12/9: A Holiday Zine & Craft Market At Riverby Books!

Your FAVORITE FOOD ZINE The Runcible Spoon is hosting A Holiday Zine and Craft Market at Riverby Books on Capitol Hill! RSVP HERE Swing by the store on Wednesday, November 9 from 6-8PM and load up on paper goods, gifts and zines – including: – The Runcible Spoon’s latest INTERNET ISSUE – Issue 2 … Read more

The Little Paris Kitchen

I just watched “The Little Paris Kitchen,” a BBC cooking show, and had to share it with you all. It is adorable and chic and classy and Runcible and perfect. Watch the trailer here: If you googled “Little Paris Kitchen Full Episodes” I am sure you could find the full episode on some illegal Chinese … Read more

Hamsters Are Very Fond Of Milk

We came across these curious culinary hamsters on Flickr, and emailed the photographer. Elena Eremina, who lives in Russia, responded to a few questions. The Runcible Spoon: Who are the Adventure Hamsters? Elena Eremina: The photographs of my son hamsters. I started photographing them at his request, he loves when I make up stories about … Read more

The Sweetbread Jim’s Potluck SPECTACULAR

Some of you might wonder what the Runcible Spoon does for fun. The answer to that question is very obvious: We go to Runcible Spoon-y type events, of course! One such example of that is Sweetbread Jim’s Potluck Spectacular, a dinner-and-show event coming up in just two weeks at St. Stephen’s Church. Sweetbread Jim’s, probably … Read more

A Two-Hour Cookbook Zine, Made For and By DC!

Sample pages from the Two-Hour Cookbook The Runcible Spoon hosted a very special Knowledge Commons DC workshop earlier this month on cookbook-making, and in just two hours we were able to produce this mini cookbook zine, full of recipes and food stories centered around Washington, D.C. Also, in case you didn’t know, the event was … Read more