A Two-Hour Cookbook Zine, Made For and By DC!

Sample pages from the Two-Hour Cookbook

The Runcible Spoon hosted a very special Knowledge Commons DC workshop earlier this month on cookbook-making, and in just two hours we were able to produce this mini cookbook zine, full of recipes and food stories centered around Washington, D.C. Also, in case you didn’t know, the event was mentioned in this sweet Washington Post story a few weeks ago!

Read this little 18-page publication in the PDF viewer below, or go to Issuu to read it. If you’re feeling rebellious, you can download it from Issuu and print a few copies out on your work printer or go to Kinkos and share them with your friends!

Big thanks to KCDC, the people of Scrap DC (who donated all these awesome paper and glue to us), Sonia Booth and all the participants for having some fun with us!


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