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Sep 10, 2013

Meet Hollis, The Runcible Spoon's Fall 2013 Intern!

Meet Hollis Miller, The Runcible Spoon's very first intern. She just graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts and will be helping us with our upcoming Fall/Winter 2013 issue from start to finish. Here's a little bit about her!

Hi Hollis! Why did you want to intern for The Runcible Spoon? 
I love to cook and make collages, so The Runcible Spoon seemed like the perfect zine for me! I just learned about the zine this summer, and I really enjoy reading it. I am also interested in becoming a writer, so I thought I could learn about the process and get some great advice from the experts.

What is your signature dish? 
I am probably most known for making chocolate chip banana pancakes – they were definitely a crowd favorite on weekend mornings at school this past year. A close second would be chocolate chip cookies – you can see the pattern here.

How do you like to dress up your instant ramen? 
I'm kind of a purist when it comes to instant ramen – although I’ve always been interested by how much water people choose to use. After I cook the noodles, I usually drain most of the water out so that the flavor is really concentrated.

What's your life motto? 
Probably something like “Enjoy the day.” “Seize the day” always seemed a little too aggressive for my style.

What's 2+2? 
2 + 2 is 4, or perhaps a double date?

Thanks Hollis for being our Fall 2013 Runcible Spoon intern! We're very happy to have you on board. ^_^ -Malaka

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