The LA Zine Fest 2014 Was Awesome!

Your Runcible Spoon editors traveled across the country this weekend to attend the LA Zine Fest in Culver City, Calif., to bring our zany food gospel to the un-Runcied Western masses.

It was a big success! We got to sell A LOT of our zines, check out some of the crazy awesome work from our other zine friends (we’re coming out with a blog of all our favorite zines from the LA Zine Fest. DON’T WORRY). And get this: Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, bought our Winner’s Pack, which includes three zines, a tote bag and a pin. Apparently he’s a regular visitor of LA’s cartoon and zine scene, but for us DC folks he was a BIG CELEBRITY!

There was a zine hut!

Here was our table! Do you see On Flora?

Your Runcy editors at work. And On Flora, too. Haha she looks so happy.

This Runcible Spoon fan had a taco- and burrito-printed shirt to match.

Loved some of the characters we met, including KimBurly and Aurora Lady.

Somebody included a Runcy in their zine stash picture. #grateful.

All in all, it was a gr8 event. Thanks LA Zine Fest! Stay tuned for a cool blog on our favorite zines from the Fest soon.

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