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Feb 26, 2014

The Runcible Spoon x I'm A KOMBO

The Runcible Spoon's Cheap Issue and Food Fantasies And How to Execute Them are now available at Nibble, a little bookshop run by conceptual catering company I'm a KOMBO, in Copenhagen, Denmark. See our zines on the second bookshelf from the top? They're the first two in the row!

Nibble is I’m a KOMBO’s new platform for culinary innovation, inspiration and exchange in the heart of Copenhagen’s meat packing district. Their ambition is simple: to select and gather some, or maybe all, of the world’s most prominent food magazines and obscure culinary editions alongside various handpicked design and art items involving or concerning food, and present it all in a modern airy space, which is part shop, part cafeĢ, part library and part kitchen table.

If you live in Copenhagen - please come by the shop and buy it! 

Nibble @ I’m a KOMBO
Høkerboderne 12
1712 Copenhagen V