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Jun 19, 2014

Meet Christina, Our Summer Intern!

The Runcible Spoon is proud to introduce our third intern ever, Christina D'Antoni! Christina came to us from the ether also known as the Internet, and she hopes to better understand the world of zines and print publications during her summer with us. Welcome, Christina - and here's a little bit about her! No but seriously you could probably know her better here.

1. Who are you? 
The Runcible Spoon summer intern, a foodie, and a person experiencing the very awkward and agonizing month before they turn 21. 

2. If you were a one-word sound what sound would you be? 
Meep! I say it when there's really no words for things.

3. If your favorite food could come out of a pinata what would it be? 
Chicken Tikka Masala  that would be so messy and deliciously wrong. 

4. What's the most disgusting thing you ever ate? 
Tunafish and cauliflower mixed with mayo. Not of my own volition.

5. What is the first word you think of when I say the words "Hot Cheetos"? 

6. Share a good YouTube video with us.
Have you seen the Turn Down for What music video? Kidding, kind of.  How about Tony Award Winner Audra McDonald singing Yahoo answers on Jimmy Fallon 

7. If you were on a desert island, what kitchen utensil would you take? 
A spoon, hands down. I probably should say a knife or something for survival, but I'm not great at surviving. I am good at eating, though.