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May 9, 2015


The Runcible Spoon is proud to introduce our 2015 interns Lainey and Judy! In honor of upcoming INTERNET issue, we asked them to interview each other on Skype. They bonded over finals week stress and love of food.

(Lainey skyping from her dorm room in George Washington University)

Lainey is now a senior (hooray to conquering finals and junior year!) studying journalism at George Washington University. Recently she found an article that listed some of the creative zines based in DC, the Runcible Spoon was among them. "I wasn't expected to find something so fun and whimsical... in DC! Where everything's organized and sterile." Lainey loves the creativity in the Runcible Spoon and was thrilled to see that it was searching for interns. She enjoys all kinds of food but does not cook that much, preferring to take her meals at the Whole Foods next door, because we both agreed, it's quite a sad thing to cook for yourself.

Lainey loves everything pop-culture related, her recent favorite "internet thing" was the Met Gala:


(Judy skyping near Washington Square Park at New York University)

Judy is a rising junior at NYU majoring in Media, Culture & Communications with a minor in Food Studies. She said, “I think it’s really important to watch what or how we eat, and how society controls that. " But on the less serious side, she loves playing with food, making meat collages out of supermarket discount flyers, and cooking. She enjoys eating foods with lots of flavor and interesting textures—anything except bland food. Judy found out about the Runcible Spoon through her friend and past intern Chuck, was drawn to the playfulness and is looking forward to channeling that energy into a rewarding experience.

Her current favorite meme is nonsensical horoscopes. Here's an example:


You could find Lainey @LaineyRSidell and Judy @zyjudes on Twitter. Welcome to the Runcible Spoon!


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