Our must-read food blogs

Running a food zine is serious business. Claire and I are constantly reading food blogs to find out the latest news on our favorite chefs, restaurants and food trends — even outside of the District — to make sure that each issue features fresh content and a unique perspective on the food world.

Here’s a list of our essential food blogs and publications.

What We’re Reading: This daily roundup on the New York Times’ Diner’s Journal blog is your portal to the best food stories on the Web. It covers everything from must-read recipes to inspiring food-themed poetry to industry news from the likes of Details, the BBC and the New Yorker.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: I’ve been a big fan of this blog ever since it started. Ree Drummond cooks real food for real people, and somehow, she makes every dish feel decadent. Her recipes speak to me — when I read her blog, I think, “Yes. This is what I really, really want to eat.” I want the zine to give people that same feeling.

Smitten Kitchen: For me, Smitten Kitchen is a crucial read. Her recipes are simple, down-to-earth and use fresh, seasonal ingredients. She uses her hands, she takes her time, she cooks everything from scratch. I look to her to make our recipes more seasonally relevant.

Mark Bittman: Claire and I always tell our writers to make their recipes “Bittman-esque,” in the same vein as his “101 Recipes” series. Why? Because we’re a 12-page zine, and we have no space for a two-page food opus.

Young and Hungry: For food gossip ’round the District, Chris Shott has it first. And that’s enough to keep us coming back for more.

The Washington Post Food: The Post’s food section boasts some of the best food writers around, and their coverage of the DMV’s food scene is hard to beat. They even have a barbecue columnist!

The Washingtonian Food & Dining: The Washingtonian’s restaurant lists are my absolute favorite. They’ve got a list for almost every kind of dining experience/meal you can have in the District.

I make sure to read these blogs on a daily basis, but there are other great blogs that I read, too. DC food blogs Arugula Files, Capital Spice and Prince of Petworth are all fantastic reads. And Orangette, Food 52’s A&M Blog and the Guardian’s Life and Style blog, too.

What food blogs do you read? What do you think about this list right here? Let us know in the comments below. –Malaka


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