Tune In: The Great Mukbang Experiment, Hosted By Alica Forneret (AKA BJ Cajun Sparkle)

Join one-time Broadcast Junkie and writer Alica Forneret (aka BJ Cajun Sparkle) for a live eating broadcast that will explore the South Korean online trend MUKBANG. She will be scarfing down everything from fried chicken to pizza, ramen to velveeta, and chatting with viewers about what it means to share meals via the web.

WATCH HERE (Will not be live until the event starts):

YOU are invited to tune in! Come watch and eat with BJ Cajun Sparkle – your virtual dinner host for the night – and you can encourage her to chew louder, chat about food, and to see what it’s like to enjoy the company of good people over good food over… THE INTERNET!

Tune in for breakfast lunch or dinner (wherever you are) on Thursday April 16 from 5 – 9 pm PT / 8 pm – 12 am ET

Broadcast >> https://youtu.be/MrIAGALYQLg

For updates on the broadcast, info about how you can order food for her to eat, and behind the scenes info from interviews with full-time Broadcast Junkies in South Korea check back here and stay in touch through:

T: @RuncibleSpoonDC

T: @louisianalica




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