Brooklyn Foodieodicals 2015 + INTERNET IRL

In anticipation of our INTERNET issue, we constructed and carried a giant wooden iPhone from DC to Brooklyn for the Foodieodical festival. We asked any confused stranger walking by our booth to draw what they had for breakfast that morning, or their wildest breakfast food porn fantasies, and paste it on our IRL #Runcygram. Mayhem of Prismacolor markers broke loose.

This gave us a great chance to meet some Runcy fans, and have conversations about the Internet issue, bland foods, appropriate breakfast greens, cherry blossoms, and ‘if it’s okay to have chocolate for breakfast.’ (yes, we approve.)

What was amazing to see was, even though half of the participants doubted their drawing abilities, they still took to their love of breakfast to the blank page, and flaunted their food fantasies.

(Runcy editors Malaka, Alison, and Kalee drew their BK breakfast.)

The crowd at the Foodieodicals fest flooded in when doors opened at 12pm and we still had demands to buy zines when we were tearing down our booth at 4pm. Much thanks to everyone who came to enjoy some Jeni’s icecream, buy a zine, chat with us, and draw your breakfast. We had a blast meeting all of you.

(A food lover getting her portrait drawn by the ladies at Bakeri Zine)

(Lucky Peach magazine’s food obsession board.)
Catch you later, Brooklyn!


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