Whoever decided that breakfast was the most important meal of the day–was it all our moms in a collective group? a personal trainer? Einstein?–is our personal hero. To them we dedicate the latest issue of The Runcible Spoon. We introduce to you: THE BREAKFAST ISSUE. Inspired by the waffles/eggs/pan con tomate/everything else you eat in … Read more

Krazy Koncept: Baked Avocados

Why haven’t you baked your avocados before? Because you’re stupid. Because you’re unimaginitive. Because you’ve locked your dear, wonderful avocado to the constraints of guacamole, sandwich fillings and boring pasta salad. Shame on you. I visited Runcible Spoon Issue 6 writer Ashley Hamm recently, and she showed me the wise ways of the Baked Avocado. … Read more