BYT’s photos of our ice cream party

Big thanks to Julian Vu and Kimberly Cadena for taking these awesome photos at the Runcible Spoon Issue 5 Ice Cream Social for Brightest Young Things. The photos are fresh, delicious and fabulous — and certainly make our little shindig look like the place to be. You can look at all the pictures here, but … Read more

FFTW: A Sunday Ritual

FFTW is a term that Malaka and I use occasionally in texts. It means “food for the week” and it’s something we make almost every Sunday. Lately, I’ve been trying to do it on a shoestring budget — which can be hard if you’re conscientious about getting enough produce in your diet. This past Sunday … Read more

Oh, The Joys Of Campfire Cuisine

In our most recent zine, I wrote about the art of campfire cooking. There’s oh so much to be said about it, and maybe I’ll save that for a later date. For now, I’ll share something I made this weekend, on an overnight hike through Elizabeth Furnace in George Washington National Park. (Who needs food, … Read more

The Best Nuts Of 2011 (So Far)

Snackability 1. peanut* 2. almond 3. cashew   Likeability 1. cashew 2. almond 3. pistachio   Texture 1. brazil nut 2. cashew 3. peanut   Snob Appeal 1. pistachio 2. almond 3. hazelnut   In Dessert 1. pistachio 2. macadamia 3. pecan   Honorable mention Pine nut for versatility Walnut for perseverence   Please note … Read more

Dinner Starts With Four Leaves

I promise I dont do this often. But over the weekend the Marion Garden exploded into such a wonderful jungle of edible greens, I couldn’t help but take just four leaves for dinner. Maybe you’re smarter than me and can identify the specific varietals. All I know is: In a quick stir fry of ginger, … Read more

Food I ate in Paris

I went to Paris this spring with mein Mutter. I got to eat whatever I wanted, so this is what I ate. I liked my food so much that I drew it in a tiny notebook that says “Le carnet du marche” on it, which I bought in an art museum that looks like a … Read more

NYC: A Tiny Food Memoire

Though I’ve been to New York several times over the past few years, I don’t think I’ve returned to Greenwich Village since my first visit. That is — until this past weekend. And I don’t know if nostalgic is the word, but I was certainly a certain something when I walked past Magnolia Bakery. My … Read more

Gimme Somma That Vitamin Donut

There was once a Doughnut Corporation this was its campaign. That’s my kind of propaganda. (c) National Archives, Records of the Agricultural Marketing Service - Claire Comments blog comments powered by Disqus  

The LA Zine Fest 2014 Was Awesome!

Your Runcible Spoon editors traveled across the country this weekend to attend the LA Zine Fest in Culver City, Calif., to bring our zany food gospel to the un-Runcied Western masses. It was a big success! We got to sell A LOT of our zines, check out some of the crazy awesome work from our … Read more


Whoever decided that breakfast was the most important meal of the day-was it all our moms in a collective group? a personal trainer? Einstein?-is our personal hero. To them we dedicate the latest issue of The Runcible Spoon. We introduce to you: THE BREAKFAST ISSUE. Inspired by the waffles/eggs/pan con tomate/everything else you eat in … Read more