Issue 12

This isn’t your usual “cheap eats” theme. The Spoon goes as far as it possibly can to save money on food - with curious, inventive and mostly low-brow results. There’s advice on how to maximize sample-eating at Whole Foods, recipes using free condiment packets, and a deliciously scary photo of an alien from artist Thu … Read more

When Is A Pizza Not A Pizza?

When it’s a piece of cake! Lori showed us that pizza is not so scary; that in a few simple steps, you can have a bona fide feast. Round these parts, she’s known as pizza girl. At least, that’s what I call her affectionately because we both share a great love of the stuff, from … Read more

Our must-read food blogs

Running a food zine is serious business. Claire and I are constantly reading food blogs to find out the latest news on our favorite chefs, restaurants and food trends — even outside of the District — to make sure that each issue features fresh content and a unique perspective on the food world. Here’s a … Read more

DC Zinefest 2014 and the Magical World of Zines

We had a great time at DC Zinefest selling copies of Runcible and the ever-so-popular iPad portraits drawn by Malaka! Here are my reactions to Zinefest as the intern/ all around zine/zinefest newbie: I’m new to the world of zines. My first encounter with one was seeing Malaka Gharib’s friendly face holding a copy of … Read more

Brooklyn Foodieodicals 2015 + INTERNET IRL

In anticipation of our INTERNET issue, we constructed and carried a giant wooden iPhone from DC to Brooklyn for the Foodieodical festival. We asked any confused stranger walking by our booth to draw what they had for breakfast that morning, or their wildest breakfast food porn fantasies, and paste it on our IRL #Runcygram. Mayhem … Read more

Tune In: The Great Mukbang Experiment, Hosted By Alica Forneret (AKA BJ Cajun Sparkle)

Join one-time Broadcast Junkie and writer Alica Forneret (aka BJ Cajun Sparkle) for a live eating broadcast that will explore the South Korean online trend MUKBANG. She will be scarfing down everything from fried chicken to pizza, ramen to velveeta, and chatting with viewers about what it means to share meals via the web. WATCH … Read more

Good find: Apollinas

I just discovered Apollinas, a lovely blog run by a human rights lawyer based in Washington, D.C. Apollina, the dame who runs the blog, writes about a mix of fashion, design, fantasy and food — and often mashes them up into innovative and delicious eye (and mouth) candy. Here is her gold-and-pink-colored confection, a Champagne-flavored … Read more

French. Macrobiotic. Vegetarian.

Last night, Emily came over to cook dinner. As she pulled out the ingredients from a big paper bag, I told her that I didn’t want to know what we were making until she was finished cooking. I happily chopped onions and parsley, seeded cucumbers and peeled carrots, and watched her pour a bottle of … Read more

Fotos from our piknik

Over the weekend, we had our Super Secret Popup Picnic. Runcible Spoon fans and friends gathered at Dupont Circle to eat and make merry, and I think it was a success! There were tea sandwiches and bocce ball, giveaways and cello music, girls in lipstick and boys in stripes. Thanks to you our picnic participants, … Read more

Nice Nice Nice!

Alison Baitz, one of our “enthusiastic” food writers, is a freelancer for many publications and blogs, including Refinery 29, an online global fashion news magazine. She gave us a big mention in a piece called “Throw Back! Zines to Flip Through,” a collection of the best new zines of 2011. Thanks Alison, you da bomb. … Read more